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March 2014

Protection Strategies Incorporated Featured in Knoxville News Sentinel Article

Courtesy of Knoxville News Sentinel

 Protection Strategies Inc., global security management and consulting business, recently announced Sean Williams has been named the company's new president and chief operating officer.

PSI offices are in Loudon, but the company has plans to relocate to Oak Ridge over the next few months.

PSI provides a wide range of security services to U.S.government departments and agencies, as well as commercial, private, and international organizations and corporations.

Williams previously held executive positions with the Akal Group, LeGacy Resource Corp., Corrections Corp. of America and Wackenhut Services Inc.  

View the article on Knoxville News Sentinel website

December 2013

PSI and Partner MELE Associates Awarded Security Operations Support Task Order


PSI and MELE Associates, Inc., as part of the MELEMAX Team have been awarded a task order under its Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Services Blanket Purchase Agreement. PSI and MELE will be providing support services to the Department of Energy's (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Office of Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70).

The Office of Defense Nuclear Security (DNS) is responsible for the overall policy direction and assessment of security programs at NNSA facilities. The DNS core mission is to develop and implement security programs that protect, control and secure all facilities for the administration. DNS also provides unique knowledge and expertise in nuclear nonproliferation, homeland security and intelligence for a broader set of national security needs.

Overall the MELEMAX Team will provide implementation and analytical services to support the DNS mission. Such services include rendering expert advice and guidance in support of organizational improvement efforts, facilitating collaborative efforts between headquarters, the laboratories, plants and facilities of the NNSA, and providing operations, program execution, and analytical support. PSI will also provide Resource Management Support and Capital Improvement Program Support under this award. 

For more information on this award, please contact Alden Sanborn (asanborn@protectionsi.com

November 2013

PSI Leadership Participates in the 25th Annual Weapons Complex Monitor Decision Maker's Forum

The Twenty-Fifth Annual Weapons Complex Monitor Decision Makers ForumNNSA - National Nuclear Security Administration

Bobby Beaty, CEO and Alden Sanborn, Director Business Development represented PSI at the 25th Annual Weapons Complex Monitor Decision Makers’ Forum in Amelia Island, Florida.  This meeting brought together personnel from the DOE, UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Atomic Energy of Canada, State regulatory agencies and industry to address the issues currently facing the cleanup and decommissioning of former DOE weapons sites and nuclear power sites nationally and abroad.  This year’s meeting focused on strategies employed to reduce life-cycle cleanup costs.  Challenges were discussed from the perspectives of regulatory compliance, worker safety and fiscal constraints.  A goal of the meeting was to foster international collaboration and sharing of technical resources to improve safety, efficiency and cost savings as sites are decommissioned. 

Widespread participation by professionals at the “decision maker” level provided key insights into the challenges facing sites, including Hanford, Savannah River, Paducah, Oak Ridge and Idaho.  Lessons learned from successful closure sites such as Rocky Flats were shared as examples of “best practices” to consider as strategies are developed for future cleanup/decommissioning efforts.  PSI was glad to contribute to these conversations by sharing our experiences gathered over the past 15 years while supporting DOE Labs and the National Security Enterprise.

October 2013

PSI and Partner MELE Associates Awarded Security Operations Support Contract

PSI and MELE Associates were awarded a Technical Analytical & Assistance contract with the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Infrastructure and Operations, Office of Security Operations.  PSI and MELE Associates, as part of the MELEMAX Team will provide:

  • Capital Improvement Program Support
  • MELEMAXMaterial Control & Accountability (MC&A) Program Implementation Support
  • International Treaties and Arms Control Agreements Program Support
  • Resource Management Support

The NNSA TEPS BPA has a five-year period of performance and a ceiling of $300 million.  For more information regarding the NNSA TEPS BPA please visit here or contact Alden Sanborn at asanborn@protectionsi.com.

October 2013

Michael Voce Departs PSI after Five Years of Dedicated Service

Michael Voce, President of PSI announced his resignation to embark on a new endeavor as the General Manager of Protective Force Services with National Strategic Protective Services, LLC (NSPS) Oak Ridge.  Prior to his most recent role as President, Mr. Voce was the Program Manager on PSI’s largest contract with the Department of Energy, supporting the Headquarters Office of Health, Safety & Security.  We thank Mike for assisting PSI through a transition period over the last year and wish him the best of luck in this new opportunity.

September 2013

PSI Awarded Contract to Provide Security and Protective Force Subject Matter Experts

Fluor-B&W Portsmouth

PSI was recently awarded a multi-year contract to provide Security and Protective Force Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at the PORTS Plant, a Department of Energy owned, and contractor-operated facility, managed by Fluor-B&W Portsmouth LLC (FBP).  The SMEs provided by PSI specialize in the areas of Protective Forces and Performance Testing, which will enhance the Safeguards & Security Division at the PORTS Plant.     

As part of the contract, PSI Subject Matter Experts will mentor Protective Force leadership and support staff and assist with the creation of professional development plans including appropriate safeguards and security training and/or certifications to build future self-reliance. 

September 2013

PSI Opens Additional Office in Tennessee

State of TennesseeOn September 2, 2013, Protection Strategies Incorporated opened its second office in Loudon, TN. PSI’s Loudon office will provide all oversight to Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contract Management functions. PSI’s original headquarters office in Arlington, VA remains open and is the home to all Business Development and Security Guard Services.  In addition, the Arlington office continues to provide PSI a strategic location to offer continued support and a local presence to our largest clients.  

With the opening of our second office we have made additions to our staff. PSI welcomes Ms. Christa Salyers, Director of Operations who will oversee Operations, Human Resources, and Contract Management; and Ms. Angela Moore, Director of Finance who will direct all finance and accounting functions. PSI welcomes Ms. Salyers and Ms. Moore and their extensive leadership and years of contracting experience and knowledge.  

PSI’s main telephone number remains 703 553 0561.  

Our Loudon office address is 1267 Carding Machine Road, Loudon, TN 37774.   The Arlington office address remains 2300 9th Street, South, Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22204

August 2013

PSI Completes Security Camera Assessment for University of Maryland, Baltimore

University of MarylandMr. Gary House, CIO and Mr. Jason Morrow, Sr. Security Analyst successfully completed a Security Camera Assessment ordered by the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  This assessment was conducted over the summer of 2013 and delivered to UMB to assist in their goals of creating a safer campus environment for students, employees and the community.  Mr. House and Mr. Morrow utilized their extensive knowledge of risk management and vulnerability analysis coupled with creative off-the-shelf solutions to advise UMB on efficient and effective security camera placement.  For more information please contact Mr. Gary House at ghouse@protectionsi.com.

August 2013

Targeting Excellence: Security Pro Force Completes TAP Certification with Zero Deficiencies

In January, Fluor-B&W’s Security Protective Force set a goal to have their training program certified by the Training Approval Program (TAP) within six months—less than half the time normally required. The certification is given through the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Training Center (NTC). On May 29, the Protective Force completed all the requirements to transition their training program from Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements to DOE Order requirements.

Teamed with experts from Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI), in Arlington, Va., Protective Force developed a detailed project plan to achieve compliance before the deadline. In May, two DOE NTC TAP staff members assessed the Protective Force Training program and reported to Fluor-B&W and DOE PPPO that it had passed with zero deficiencies.

View the full article in the Fluor-B&W Portsmouth employee newsletter

July 2013

PSI Awarded Contract to Provide Subject Matter Experts at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

WEMSPSI was awarded a contract by Wastren-EnergX Mission support, LLC (WEMS) to support ongoing Force-on-Force (FoF) exercises of the armed Protective Force at the previously operating Portsmouth (PORTS) Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP).